Hello everyone ,

I am glad that I finally found something interesting to express my ideas and my thoughts importantly through which I make myself happier and also could satisfy you hopefully.

18 is the age when we get to know the real beauty of life (OK, horror movie of life showing its randomly changing colours)where we  understand many things like frienships, maturity, capability,strengths ,weakness …..and finally end up in searching for the medicine called motivation.

Let me tell you my experience .

As I completed my intermediate,many questions raised in my mind(what is education?what is its main purpose ?Is that only for earning coins?) and they began to start karaoke  that I bewildered to  decide whats my further step.Then however I have joined engineering in sathyabama university,where I started seeking answers for all my unanswered questions.

Real education starts from getting inspired and motivated by learning each and every day that counts your life.

It is known that God is with in us …then what is it motivation makes sense greater than God to grab it from outer world which you didn’t visited even for once.

The education is the heart for all the developments an individual tries for which gives you the opportunity to carve your rocky ideas in to diamonds through improvising the skills within you.

Once,may be a year ago while I was going through some of the quotes I noticed a colourful image with a red colored heart driving a cycle having his dearest skinny brain on the back with a golden lines below it “Follow your heart but take your brain with you”.

At first I didn’t understand what it is even till last two days.But suddenly after a year today  those lines stuck me hard that I understood the meaning of it all in once.

I exclaimed myself,”gosh! What is the change in me that made me understand those line’s ?” The reason is everything lies within us and we understand everything even the meaning of every move we make in our life through our experiences.  Experiences makes you wiser ,they may be a bit bitter or super sweet  ,thinking about them again and again gives you a chance to win  where you discover a new you.

I conclude that, potential lies in every individual and key to success is in discovering  our potential rather than getting hesitated to start the task . so face problems ,get drowned in it and one day you will be like a rising star with your solution and that be the  enlightment you give to others and the inspiration for  all the generations….